The history of Instagram and the company that created it

The history of Instagram and the company that created it

Burbn, Inc., This company was founded in 2010 as a startup technology company that only focuses on Android and IOS applications. At first, this Burbn has a focus on the HTML5 System.

But at that time the two CEOs, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger decided to focus more on just one thing. After 1 week of making good ideas, they finally tried to make the first version of the application from Burbn.

But in the application there are still some things that are not perfect. The final version of Burbn can already be used on iPhone which contains too many features. It was difficult for Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to reduce existing features, and start over from scratch.

In the end they ended up focusing on the Photos section, Comments and also the ability to like a Photo. This application is what we finally call Instagram.

Instagram Name Maker

Instagram comes from the understanding of the entire application in question. The word Insta means Instant, like the camera in its time which was better known as Instant Photo. Instagram can also display photos instantly, just like the Polaroid camera.

For the word “Gram” itself comes from the word Telegram which works by sending information to everyone quickly. Similarly, Instagram can upload photos using the internet network. So that the information can be conveyed can be received quickly.

On April 9, 2012, it was announced that Instagram was finally taken over by Facebook for nearly $1 Billion in cash and shares. On May 11, 2016, Instagram introduced a new look as well as new icons and apps. Inspired by the previous Logo, the new Icon is a simple camera and a vivid rainbow in the shape of a gradient.

Instagram features (Follow, Upload, Camera, Photo Effect)

The Social System in Instagram is to make people follow your account and vice versa. Thus communication between the two Instagram users can be established by mutual likes and comments on their photos.

Followers are also the only important element and besides that the Likes of followers can also affect whether the photo can be popular or not. To find friends on Instagram, you can use Social networking features like Twitter and Facebook.

Uploading Photos, the main use of Instagram is as a place to upload and share photos with others. The photos you want to upload can be obtained through the camera on Instagram or the photos taken on your Smartphone.

Photos that have been taken via Instagram can be saved on your Smartphone. Camera users via Instagram can also directly use the effects provided. In addition to these effects, there is also a Tilt-Shift camera effect whose function is to focus the photo at a certain point.

The photos that will be uploaded via have an unlimited number, but have limitations in photo size. The size used in Instagram is a 3:2 ratio or just a box. Users can only upload photos with that format, or have to edit the photo with the existing format.

After the photo has been edited, the next step in the upload is to add a title. In addition to the title, you can also enter the location of the photo. Before uploading a photo, users can enter a title for the name of the photo according to the users.

These titles can be used by users to offend other Instagram users, the trick is to include the account name of that person. Users can also label the title, as a sign to group it in a category.

A label in Instagram is a code to make it easier for users to search for photos by writing a keyword. When users put a label on a photo then the photo can be more easily determined.

The label itself is used in all forms of communication concerning the photo itself. Users can enter their own name, where the photo is, an event, competition or to indicate that the photo was produced by a member of the Instagram community.

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